When someone has access to your phone and all of your data, they can’t tell you that they have access since written or verbal confirmation would be against the rules to whomever gave them that access. Big tech companies do fire employees for sharing information externally. Coincidences are harder to prove.

This timing notification was usually done to me when I was looking at my phone. I would see a notification pop up as I was doing something else. I am not popular nor do I text that much. I may receive 1-2 text messages most days.

A past experience that I with Sean is that I had searched “Thing to do on Halloween in San Francisco”, and while going through the links, he texted me to invite me to his Halloween party.

He hadn’t talked to me in 2 months, and he didn’t seem interested in talking to me 2 months prior. I didn’t respond. I don’t have any evidence of that coincidence.

Weird Circumstance around my Dog’s Death Day

When I called the Veternarian to confirm to put Koda down, Sean sent a message out on a meditation class email group while I was on the phone.

first email about zafus

And then soon after

second email about zafus

And here is my phone record in Hong Kong time. Hong Kong is 16 hours ahead. 8:32am is the end time of the call, so the call ended at 4:32pm in San Francisco. I had called earlier in the day to confirm that the vet could do a euthanasia appointment.

Looking at this, he sent the email as I was on the phone, and I received the notification as I was looking down at my phone after hanging up.

my phone record

For a relative comparison, here is his posting pattern on yuz. Again, Hong Kong time shift

frequency of emails

What is the significance?

I can’t say for sure what was going on, but I felt really uncomfortable that I was being watched in a really intimate moment. The meditation group that we shared was filled with Meta, Google, and Apple employees. While spending time there, many of those people had a strange voyeuristic interest in my life. They would make comments that suggested that they had read my browsing history and listened to my therapy sessions.

Add to the fact that my dog had been being poisoned by someone that could be associated with the group.

What could have happened? He was inviting people to his home around the time that I was going to be putting my dog down. If he had a listening party for my last moments with my dog, I would not be surprised with these people.

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