Those treats being placed in front of my door was clearly intentional behavior. After Christmas 2022, I started to come to terms with the fact that I would need to put my dog down. I didn’t talk to anyone about it, but I was getting really emotional inside the privacy of my home.

Marketplace Facebook Account

I had created this Facebook account in June 2022. I used it to sell things on the marketplace.

I did not receive any friend requests until 10/24/2022.

Facebook requests

12/27/2022 Muriel Be Happy

I received this friend request on 12/27/2022. The timing is very accurate despite not having told anybody how I felt.

01/14/2023 Suicidal Screenshot

I had started traveling on 1/7/2023, which is my dog’s death day. I spent a night and a day in Seattle. A night in Vancouver. 4 days in Japan. I felt like leaving Japan would be the first step that would be clearly suspicious to whomever was watching. I headed to the airport late night on 1/13/2023.

On 1/14/2023, I had been in Thailand, and I began to make searches on my phone for the safest place to get away from these people. I ended up in Hong Kong. Also, I reached out to journalists to see if they would be interested in my story.

The second friend request appeared with a man hanging himself in the profile pic. It looks like a clear threat. Especially considering what was going on with me on these days. Another coincidence.

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