I met a friend on Bumble BFF called Bart. Bart attended the same university as Sophia at the same time.

I noticed a coincidence that my dog would always get sick when he was around. One time, I saw him rubbing something on my dogs belly that caused his skin to be really irritated. It was obvious what was going on after that.

I ghosted him. After a month, he showed up at my house. Bart asked me what was going on. I ignored him. I didn’t have hard evidence, but I felt really uncomfortable around him.

After that incident, my dog began to get violently ill. He got so sick that he would wake me up every hour of the night to vomit and poop outside.

More Treats, More Sickness

I found a dog treat had been placed in front of my door in the morning. I still have that dog treat. It has broken down, but it’s in a plastic bag.

I saw Bart couple times more. I was walking along a popular bike path. He was riding his bike and came around the corner of building on a sidewalk. He stopped in front of me. It was like he knew that I was there. I ignored him. My dog got violently sick that night.

I saw Bart again. This time, he was riding his bike where I was walking my dog. He was in the street, and we didn’t talk. My dog got violently sick that night.

I became more suspicious of dog treats and would notice them in patches of dirt that my dog liked to pee in. There was a patch of sidewalk that was often covered in leaves that my dog liked to sniff. I found them there.

My dog was sick 1-4 times a month from August to December with the same symptoms.

I became really concerned for his health, and I put him down 1/7/2023.

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