I dated a woman named Olivia in college from 2009 to 2013. She had anger issues that she struggled to manage.

She would get offended on feeling disrespected by me doing things like making friends with a new guy at work, talking to a woman at my job, or trying to maintain relationships with an old friend she doesn’t like. The fights would often go from one thing to the next for hours until she was too tired to continue.

In her anger, she would threatened me. She said she would kill me. She told me she would make sure that I would never be happy. I assumed that it was all empty threats, but I have found out that she was serious and capable of fulfilling them.

Her sister married a man who is part of the Butcher family. Olivia described the Butcher family as wealthy and deeply involved in the Secret Service.

Evidence of the Brother-In-Law’s Connections

Here is a screenshot of the her brother-in-law’s business now defunct Linkedin page bragging about the company’s connections to intelligence agencies.


After Olivia, Meeting Isabella

I broke up with Olivia in 2013. I spent a few years focusing exclusively on work to get an opportunity to move far away from Texas.

Four years later, I moved to San Francisco. In November 2017, I met Isabella. On the first date, she told me “My father works for the Butchers”. I recognized the name, but also, I assumed it would be paranoid to make it anything more than the job her dad did.

Her dad works as President for a company owned by the Butchers.

Dad's linkedin

Wikipedia Article on Company

Isabella’s family is a military family. Her granddad was in korea. Her Uncle has been in the Navy for atleast 17 years. She also had at least 2 cousins in the Air Force, and she bragged an uncle was involved in the CIA.

This relationship ended up in a similar way to Olivia’s. At times, I felt like Isabella knew what I was looking at on my phone when she wasn’t around.

I broke up with Isabella in January 2019. Afterwards, I found a meditation class where I met a lot of people that work in big tech companies. A lot happened there that is anecdotal, but it set the stage for another coincidence that I have evidence for.

Mia works for the Family

In May 2019, while heading home from work, Mia approached me on a bus for advice on what to do in San Francisco. She was visiting from New York City for the weekend. We ended up spending a lot of time together through the weekend.

At a certain point on the first night, she said a really similar phrase to Isabella. “I work for the Butchers”. I asked her some follow up questions and she got kind of nervous. I assumed it was nothing. I looked her up later, and she works at a company which is owned by the Butchers.

Mia B works for the family

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