During Covid and around 11/01/2020, I chose to join a social group. The woman running it was named Emma. My stomach began to hurt horribly after the first week, and I dropped out.

Ivy League School Stalking

I joined a volleyball league since it was the first one happening after covid closed everything.

I met a woman on Tinder named Sophia. We matched in January 2021. Our first date was in March, 2021. She graduated from an Ivy League School. Sophia described her family as being deeply connected in Taiwanese politics.

Sophia and Emma graduated from the same high school, and a background report indicated that they were close associates. This likely means they were facebook friends.

When the volleyball league started, I was placed on a team with John and Anna. John attended the same Ivy League School with one year being concurrent with Sophia’s. Anna worked in the medical industry, and she also had a close friend that attended the ivy league School that the others attended.

John had an immediately negative reaction the first time that I met him. While talking after games, Anna and John began to bring up subjects that I had discussed with Sophia. It was clear that there was some kind of connection between the three.

After my experience with Isabella, I broke up with Sophia.

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